2022 free bet codes for the best online bookmakers

Anyone who has dabbled in the world of online sports betting is acutely aware of how much a free bonus bet can enhance your overall gambling experience. Generally these bonuses are credited to your betting account when you make a deposit in the form of match bets.

Not every sports book out there is safe to bet at but we guarantee the websites we promote are regulated and have multiple deposit options for bettors around the world.

Freebetcode is your ultimate resource when it comes to inducements, incentives and free cash offers across the board from all of your favourite online bookmakers.

However, with free money there is always a catch right? Well, as you know, in the world of online gambling you need to expect the unexpected.

Keeping that in mind, this article will run you through exactly what these bonuses are, how to claim them and answer any other questions you may have about how free bet codes are distributed and function.

What are freebet codes?

Free bet codes are exactly as they sound: a code that will give you an allotted amount of money from the bookmarker to use as you choose.

For instance – with an online bookmaker like William Hill, you will get an automated first deposit bonus that will not require a code to activate, but for other organisations like Bet365, they will email you a code that you must enter on their “offers” page to generate your bonus cash.

Typically this cash needs to be ‘turned over’ at least once before you can withdraw it, which, to put it in the simplest terms possible this means you must use your bonus, successfully apply it to a winning fixture at least once before you can withdraw your cash. These restrictions are known as wagering requirements and are in place to stop people abusing the freebets model.

Once activated, you will notice – usually underneath your actual cash balance – there is a bonus bet balance. Once the company has confirmed the code is legitimate you will see your bonus bet balance updated.

How can I claim a freebet?

Claiming free bets is very simple: you just have to operate within the parameters that the online bookmarker sets out. Generally websites like this one are your best guide to claiming a freebet. Do your research, make sure the bookmaker is regulated in a respected jurisdiction before making deposits to claim a free bet.

William Hill

This UK-based bookie switches its welcome bonus up regularly but is never less than a few hundred quid. This global brand accepts players from all over the world, including Australia, England and many Asian and Scandinavian countries.


Bovada is a respected Nth American-facing sports book, with a first deposit match bet up to US$250 dollars, as well as a plethora of other amazing incentives. Once you are a member of Bovada you can expect to receive some great deposit bonuses in your email address.

Bet 365

You will know if Bet365 is available in your country. The Samuel L Jackson advertisements are a dead giveaway. It’s hard to miss the famous actor when he’s blasted on your TVs every few minutes. Luckily he’s aligned himself with a very strong brand and bookmaker. While the bonus amount varies from country to country, generally it ranges somewhere between US$200 and $500.

Can I use free bets on any event?

Typically there are no restrictions on what you can bet on with a free bet. Everything from NBA to politics is available to put your free bets on. However keep in mind many sports books don’t allow you to place these freebets on novelty markets which may have been set up for events like the Super Bowl.

Keep in mind that you only receive the winning amount from your bet, rather than the stake amount included in the dividend. This means if you place a $100 dollar free bet on a team or individual that is paying $1.40, your return will be $40 dollars.

Wagering requirement with free bets

Wagering requirements pertaining to a free bet is rather self-explanatory – some companies will make you ‘turn your bet’ over several times before you are able to withdraw the funds.

Bet365 for instance offer a loyalty bonus every so often – usually around the $20 dollar mark – that must be turned over at least three times before it can be withdrawn. In simplistic terms this just means the person who receieved the free bet must make at least $60 dollars from the $20 before they can withdraw the funds.

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